Trust God

Sometimes life is confusing. You think you have it all figured out, and then just like that, God throws a bombshell in your direction. Once this happens, it is truly hard to get back on your feet. So, if you are the one caught in the middle of an unexpected bombshell of events, I am here to save you.



#1) realize that it’s not the end of the World.


–       When we believe that we have it all together, we often become delirious that we are indeed living in a crazy World, where all sorts of things can happen. Once you become “comfortable” with your life-long plan, your surroundings, and your daily routine you become dependent on it. Sometimes when everything that you’ve worked for is taken out from under you, that’s God’s way of showing you that you’re not in control.


#2) evaluate your life, and eliminate what is necessary.

–       College students, and young ladies, typically tend to take on way more than they can handle. A full schedule of senior level classes, after school activities, part time jobs, and still attempting to maintain a social life. I mean really, who in the world has time for all of that? If something isn’t helping you reach your lifelong goals and dreams, eliminate it. It is that simple.


#3) Keep calm and trust your creator.

–       That test you failed, that job that you lost, that boyfriend that cheated on you, God knew that all of those horrible things were going to happen to you long before they did. When we get comfortable with our big plans, we tend to get a little cocky and we don’t need to rely on God anymore. That is not true. When these bad things happen in our lives, God is the one thing that we cannot lose. Trust him. God has a plan for your life, even when you believe that there is no hope left.


The life of a twenty-something year old college student is tiring, long, confusing, and wonderful. My advice to you? Enjoy every minute of it. Know that you are a daughter of God and no matter what you will be okay.







An Airbrushed Sensation: Beauty Blender Review



When I was recently asked to post some of my makeup secrets, I knew the exact secret to share. If you have been looking at recent celeb pics and tabloids, and wondered how their faces look airbrushed and flawless, you’re right! They do look flawlessly airbrushed but who has $300 to purchase an airbrush machine?



No worries ladies, I have the answer to all of your makeup prayers. It’s called the beauty blender. The Beauty Blender is a gift from above for all of you college ladies that want that airbrushed face, yet don’t want to drop the cash for a machine. The Beauty Blender can be purchased at your local Sephora store for only $19.99!


With the Beauty Blender you are able to…


–       Apply foundation with a sponge-like pad to achieve an airbrushed look.

–       Use the sponge daily without worries of it falling apart. Beauty Blender offers a cleansing spray for your sponge to keep it clean and fresh.

–       Create the perfect highlighted look for the under-eye area using the Beauty Blender and your go-to concealer.

–       Look like the celebs with your new airbrushed look (for $280.00 cheaper!)

Facebook: A Social Trend or a Dead End?

While scrolling through your Facebook timeline or Twitter newsfeed, have you ever noticed a crazy drama-filled argument going on? I have found myself falling victim to a ton of these crazy Facebook public arguments recently. When I see these arguments I often find myself questioning why in the world these people want everyone to know their personal problems.


So my lovely ladies (and gentleman) I have decided to inform you on why it is NOT a good idea to make your drama public.


–       If you put your arguments on public display for all of your Facebook and Twitter friends to see, you are automatically opening a door of judgmental comments and posts. I know it’s hard to believe, but some people truly sit on their social networks and LOOK for other peoples problems. Yes, it’s pathetic, but hey it happens.

–       When you truly sit down and think it through, do you believe that your problem will be solved through bashing via social networking? Try picking up the phone and calling the person that you are arguing with, a face to face interaction is even better than a Facebook blowout.

–       Sometimes things are better left unsaid. Have you ever heard of the saying “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all?” Well, in this situation, use that statement! Chances are the people on your Facebook don’t know the whole story, and you may end up looking like the immature bully.



Be smart lipstick ladies; don’t give into this chatty mess!




Good Friends or Dead Ends?

            Have you ever heard the saying “you are who you hang around with, so choose your friends wisely?” I know it’s such a common, over-used term, but it is so true! The five people that you surround yourself with on a daily basis have a huge impact on the person that you are. So we have to ask ourselves, are these people in our lives good influences or just time consumers?


The key to living a joyful life with enjoyable friends is to be sure that we have the right type of friends in our lives. When analyzing the friends in your lives, there are a couple of key points that you want to focus in on.


1)   Are they positive?


Do your friends make you feel good about yourself, or do you often feel insecure when you’re around them? A good friend is often the middle ground between being too nice, and making you question your actions. If your friends make you feel insecure about yourself it is often because you have something in your life that they want or envy. Being envious is a part of human nature, but if your friend knows they make you feel insecure and they continue to do so, then they are not respecting you.


2)   Are they too nice?


If you surround yourself with friends that make you think you are the best thing that has grazed the planet, you are messing up. A true friend is an honest friend. For example, if you are dating someone and they hit on your “best friend,” would your friend tell you? If she would, then she is a keeper. If she wouldn’t, then she’s gotta go. A good friend will tell you what is best for you even if that means making things super awkward for a while.


3)   Are they good influences?


Now on this point I am NOT talking about if they judge you for every “bad” thing that you do. That is not a friend that is a judgmental person. Does your friend influence your life in a positive way? If the constant negativity in your friend’s life is bringing you down, it may be time to cut the cord on your friendship. A good friend will come to you when they need help, but they will also respect your space.


There are obviously many more things to look for in a good friendship, but the main point is to surround yourself with people who make you happy. Friendships are made to confide in and to enjoy. 



It’s Creepy and It’s Spooky….

It’s spooky, it’s exciting, it’s eerie, and it’s Halloween! I absolutely love this time of year and all of the festivities that come along with it. Although fall is my favorite season, I understand that it can be a tad bit overwhelming. I mean how many pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween cookies can one intake? Goodness! During all of the fall madness, for some picking out their Halloween costume is the hardest decision that they will make all year. For those of you that are struggling with this, no worries, I am here to help.


Here are a few guidelines for picking out your perfect Halloween costume:


1)   Don’t stress out about it!

–       Halloween is a fun, goofy time that no one truly takes seriously. I mean really, have you seen some of the things that people dress up as?


2)   Don’t break out your wallet just yet.

–       Before you go out and pay 60 bucks for a costume (ridiculous!) check around your house, dorm, or apartment to see what you can find. Some costumes don’t take very much effort, and you get to be a little crafty!


3)   Know what’s hot and what’s not.

–       Halloween is not an excuse to look skimpy ladies! Keep it clean and fun. Some great ideas that are trending this year are: Television series characters, celebrities, movie characters, and athletes!



Now that I’ve given you all of my Halloween spirited advice, go have fun getting your special look together!





Center of Attention

Do you remember that group of girls in high school? You know, the group that made fun of someone else no matter the reason? That group of girls always had to be together, in a little group looking for who they were going to attack next.


I thought that once I started college these types of groups would no longer exist. I was so wrong. I was reminded of how much I don’t miss this group yesterday when I was the main subject of a tweet. Yes, I was tweeted about. This is truly nothing new to me, I’ve been the center of the mean girl’s social media feed quite a few times, but this time I was a little caught off guard. The reason being that when I was tweeted about, we were in the middle of chapel! (I attend a Christian university where the entire study body is required to attend chapel on Wednesdays.) Now look, I understand that when girls like me, meaning with bright blonde hair, full makeup, and mostly dressed up, walk into a room people will have their own opinions. That’s totally fine, believe me! But tweeting about me during chapel? I believe that said a lot more about that group of young ladies, not about me.


Ladies, my main advice to you is to always stay classy and confident. Girls that have to mold themselves into these cliques are followers, not leaders, which doesn’t symbolize confidence. I am blessed to have a very strong backbone, so things like this twitter post do not bother me. Although this did not burden me, I know that some of you may have been if it were you! You ladies are whom this post is directed to.


If you ever find yourself in the center of one of these posts, hold your head high. Remember, it takes a lot more to walk away and know that you are better than that garbage. If you begin to feel like these posts are lowering your self-esteem then go talk to someone. There is never an excuse to say negative things about another person that you do not even know, do not let these types of girls make you a victim!



Stay classy ladies, and keep your heads up!




School, Stress, and Wrinkles

School, school, school, work, and some more school! If you are at all like me, that is exactly how your weeks sound. How on earth are we suppose to maintain this ideal body image and avoid getting sick if we don’t even have time to breathe? You have got to make time for yourself. I know, its ridiculously difficult balancing school, work, and everything else going on in your life. Hopefully these tips will help you earn some “you time.”


1)   Buy a planner.

–       When you begin to put your due dates, events to attend, and work schedules onto paper it begins to seem a lot less stressful.

2)   Join a gym.

–       I know that everyone does not like to workout, so for some of you this tip may be to join a book club. I understand that with an overwhelming schedule, adding something else to your to-do list may seem crazy. But, this will force you to be a part of something that you love at least a few times a week. (If you pay for a membership somewhere, you are more likely to feel obligated to go!)

3)   Do all assignments early.

–       Oh, believe me I understand that doing assignments a week early is a pain. Although it almost seems impossible to complete assignments early, once you do this your free time will be more apparent. You’ll thank yourself later.


Always remember that stress brings age and wrinkles, so use my tips and stay beautiful!